Our Story

Creative Solutions Recruiting was founded on one simple concept- helping companies find a better, more creative way to attract, recruit and hire employees. It all started with recruiting one position at one company which quickly grew, as several companies began to recognize our unique approach that delivered better, quicker, and more affordable results. Our value was developed from a client first approach- where we took the time to truly understand the needs, wants and resources companies had and applied it to their recruiting efforts. We dared to do things differently and we are proud to say we continue to practice and build upon that foundation.  

Core Values


Recruiting is an ever evolving process. We pride ourselves on adapting quickly in response to employers’ changing needs so that we continue to provide value.  


Our business was built on referrals and we want to keep it that way. Relationships are our number one priority.


We are people driven and we love our clients and candidates. We also love the work we do!


Based in the SF Bay Area, it makes sense that we are all about innovation, challenging norms and passionate about finding a better way to do things. Our recruiting services emulate that passion, drive, and revolutionary mentality to do things different. We are action oriented dreamers.


We believe in upholding our place as thought leaders in recruiting by continually learning, developing and growing in our expertise. We maintain our education in current recruiting trends, modern recruiting technologies like applicant tracking software (ATS) online platforms, as well as, the latest research and data driven information from books like Who.

Clients We love our amazing clients! Here are some of the great companies we’ve had the pleasure to partner with:

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